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Pepe – Logistics & Customer care

Pepe, SoHo’s newest member, is a musician and lover of the arts. His gentle spirit and love of people adds warmth to the gallery. Pepe’s extensive experience in customer service add so much to better clients experience at the gallery. Pepe is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Miguel -Maintenance & Installation

Part of the core SoHo team since its foundation, Miguel is the cornerstone of the gallery's operations, tirelessly supporting the logistics, management, maintenance and ongoing quality of the premises, as well as the maintenance of the spaces in the building and the care of both in-house and itinerant pieces. Therefore, he’s a key piece of all the exhibitions that have outfitted the walls of SoHo, and of those that will come in the future.

Aron – Creativity & Catering

Every team has a “Renaissance Man,” and in SoHo, Aron has taken on the role of a fine and precise Swiss Army knife—a position that has made his work a must-have over the decade of existence of this innovative art space in Merida. For years, Aron has been generating creative materials for SoHo in the areas of graphic design and other media. In the same way, he supplements the events held in the gallery with his culinary talent, drawing inspiration and combining his love of art with gastronomy.

Yesenia – Director

Passionate about art and design, Yesenia started in Soho 10 years ago and is currently serving as Director.
Yesenia, together with Adele, is in charge of the gallery's administration and curatorship, constantly continuing its preparation and alternating art with fashion, gastronomy, among other creative projects.

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