Bringing it home – The new way to view art!

Bringing it home – The new way to view art!

Covid has forever changed the way we live—and this includes buying art for our spaces. Prior to the pandemic, had you wondered what a piece of artwork would look like in your home without having to physically acquire it?

After more than 12 years of exhibiting artists from around the globe in their Gallery located on Calle 60,  Mérida, SoHo Galleries has  partnered with the world’s leader in immersive technology, creating  an innovative interface to preview art in your home or office… with just a few clicks and a smartphone camera!

It’s as simple as it sounds! Discover SoHo’s Art@Home by visiting their new website at – when you finish exploring the vast catalog of artists and their works, bring your favorites to your space with one click, place your preferred piece on your wall and take a screenshot. To make things even easier, they’re offering a quick tutorial on the site:

Of course, you can always visit the gallery, which is open and located at Calle 60 #400A x 41 y 43 in Centro (Santa Ana) Mérida. Their working hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

In fact, SoHo is gearing up for a very special ArtWeek exhibition at the gallery, albeit by appoinment only. It’ll run from April 14 — April 17, with many new artists exhibiting at SoHo for the first time! You can reserve your space by sending an inbox on their Facebook Page.

Adele Aguirre, owner of SoHo, welcomed the digital channels by noting that “all the new platforms we’ve introduced are not meant to enable our clients to see how a piece will look at home or office and move it around the space, is something that will be appreciated long after the pandemic is over.”

She added: “We’re looking forward to seeing you during ArtWeek in Mérida at the Gallery.” Feel free to give the new Art@Home platform a try on  – – We would love to see your greatest ideas… Share your digital compositions on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #SoHoAtHome for all to admire!